Thanks to our friend Lincoln Jubb from About LST night, he was able to capture a stack of our artists at Soundwaves, check out the photos here.


Hear that? Vocal cords screeching, drum kits being obliterated and the screams of 100, 000 HARDCORE fans. Yep, that is Soundwave music festival and this year it tore the absolute ball bag.

With a kicker line up including Metallica, Blink- 182, Anthrax, My bloody Valentine and Linkin Park it was a day that hard core music fans would of punched themselves in the face if they just so happened to miss it.

ALN scored a media pass thanks to Inferno Music and Truth Drums who had an array of bands including Miss May I and Of Mice and Men playing their kits.

Never seen so many rock out horn signs thrown about. Ever.

Make sure to check both pages of the gallery | ALN

March 02, 2013 by Tim Davy
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