Jacob Randall at The Vintage & Custom Drums Expo

Here's some footage of Rocket fingers Randall at The Vintage and Custom Drum Expo 2016.

Heres a list of the gear he is using.
Inferno Music Black Boltz 5A+ American Hickory series drumsticks
Truth Custom Drums Sailor Jerry Drumkit, 16x15, 22x18, 10 ply maple.
TRX 24” DRK ride
Hats 18” TRX DRK thunder crash on top, 18” CRX classic stacker on the bottom.

Truth Custom Drums Snare: 14”x8” Black Brass
Truth Custom Drums: Mahogany, poplar, maple shells, with maple re-rings. Taste the craftsmanship that is this aged white pearl inlay stripe, chrome H/W, offset lugs, die cast hoops, and a fiberskyn head. 12x8, 16x14, 18x16, 22x20:

TRX Cymbals
22” DRK ride
16” DRK/BRT hats
18” DRK crash
20” ALT crash
20” DRK thunder crash
19” LTD china
6” ICON splash

Truth Custom Drums Snares: 14”x7.5” Aluminum 1ml thick shell
14x7.5 1/3rd black and sparkle stripe 20 ply, cranked.


August 30, 2016 by Tim Davy
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