Kickport T-Ring B Drum Template / Reinforcement Ring- CLEAR

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Bass drumhead Reinforcement Rings and D-Pad™ Impact Pads from KickPort have been developed to improve the sound and performance of virtually all bass drums. Made from durable PVC film with premium-grade, 3M® adhesive, the bass drum accessories are recommended for use with the company’s popular KickPort sound insert and also highly effective when used separately.

The KickPort T-Ring™ has an outer diameter of 7.50? and an inner, port diameter of 5.50?. In addition to acting as a reinforcement that will prevent any vented bass drum head from tearing and splitting around the port, the T-Ring can be used as a template for cutting a 5.50? port in the head. Many drummers use a 5 to 5.5? port to achieve a fuller bass drum sound as well as optimum miking in studio and live situations.


Colour: Clear


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