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    Meticulously handcrafted by master cymbalsmiths, TRX Icons combine the warmth and body of vintage cymbals with the brightness and projection required by modern drummers. The series offers a full spectrum of tonal choices within a single line and is recommended for a wide range of contemporary styles and situations. In fact, since they're a new standard of sound for a new generation of players, "Icon" is the perfect name for this exciting new class of TRX cymbals— as well as the drummers who play them. Icon Series models include:

    » Rides (Heavy): True Ride cymbals with clean articulation and clear bells.
    » Hi-Hats (Medium-Heavy): Fast stick | foot response as well as an optimum balance of crispness and sizzle.
    » Crashes (Thin, Medium | Heavy): Multiple weights offer a wide range of crash and crash-ride options.
    » Splashes (Thin): Short | punchy for quick accents and effects.
    » Chinas (Medium): Deep, dark, exotic tone and a rich frequency spread.
    » Stackers (Medium-Thin): Vented cymbals that can be used alone as crash effects or under/on top of other cymbals for a short, trashy sound.

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