TRX 22" MDM/BRT Blend Ride

$646.95 $418.95

Brand TRX

TRX 22" MDM/BRT Blend Ride

New TRX Blends are a combination of two cymbals in one. The “mash-up” is a blend of TRX’s MDM and BRT series

They feature a medium-weight, lathed MDM outer section combined with a heavier, polished BRT inner section and bell. This creates a cymbal with a progressive blend of warmth, brightness, sustain and power that’s unlike other cymbals and perfect for many modern musical styles.

Available in a wide selection of Rides, Hi-Hats, Crashes and Splashes— including TRX’s signature 23˝ Ride model. You can buy them through Inferno Music in Australia & New Zealand