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    What is a Cymbal felt?

    Cymbal felts are traditionally made from wool, however other versions of felt might also include a component of synthetics and wool. Other alternatives may include rubber, leather or in Cympads case industrial grade foam.

    Why do I need a Cymbal felt?

    Basically put your Cymbals need a cushion for the cup of the bell to rest on. Some traditional solutions like the woolen or synthetic Cymbal felts can over compress in time. Once the Cymbal felt has compressed it will not conform to cymbal shape and size. Cympad is specially designed and made from premium-grade cellular foam to simply and effectively protect your cymbals and control your sound.

    Why is foam better than traditional felt Cymbal Washer?

    Cympad foam cymbal washers have been carefully developed to outperform and outlast conventional felt washers while offering drummers a host of advantages. Not only does it extend the cymbals life and prevent breakage. It also Increases articulation, comfort and reduces hand fatigue. The premium grade cellular foam also has memory that when discharged will bounce back to it's original shape. This enables them to outlast standard felt washers.

    How do I improve my Cymbal tone?

    Cympad’s exclusive design enhances and controls cymbal sound. It also Isolates cymbal vibration from the cymbal stand, reduces both volume and unwanted overtones and moderates sustain and increases articulation. Cympad Cymbal Washers can bring your cymbal sound back to life.