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    Struggling to buy drumsticks Australia? Struggle no more!

    What are the best drumsticks?

    We believe that building a professional drumstick company is our calling. Inferno Music strive to set the benchmark in quality products, for the musical drummer finding the best quality drumstick can be hard to find. Especially if your looking to choose from a range of price and sizes. Every pair of Inferno drumsticks is digitally pitch tested and paired to perfection. This means each stick matches perfectly in weight and pitch . Our online range is growing and so are our range of drumstick sizes. Nylon Tip, or stock items like the 5A Inferno built for Rock, or 5A+ for the Extreme Rock Drummer. Price and quality are the leading factors at Inferno, so that's why we believe we have the best products on the market.

    For the price, best try for yourself and add to cart direct from our store!

    Don't take our word for it either! Some of the worlds best musicians including Lauchy West from The Vines, Buns Wilson from Bad Dreems, Simon Ridley from DZ Deathrays, Sam Bassal from Ocean Grove, Paul Keenan from Eskimo Joe and tones more all love the Inferno sound and are part of our artist list in Australia.

    What are drumsticks made of?

    Drumsticks are made from many different types of woods, maple, birch, oak or Hickory. Inferno Music only use the finest American Hickory and found it to be the most durable and versatile hardwood. Great for absorbing any shock or impact whilst delivering on sound and responsive hand feel. Quality stock of American Hickory keeps going up in price however we do our best to maintain our price so that you can experience a quality drumstick everytime you choose our brand.

    What is the difference between 5a and 7a drumsticks?

    When shopping for drumsticks sizes you may need to consider the following. What drumstick do I need to play the show, and more importantly what's the difference between 5A, and 7A? The answer is in the dimensions

    Our products vary and when buying from a brand like Inferno you'll want to know everything you can before buying, yep we are new to the market! That's why we try and help best we can when shopping from our store online.

    What is the most common drumstick size?

    There is so many drumstick types to choose from, but 5A, & 5B wood tip are the most common drumstick size, however even our largest size the 2B gets gobbled up by the heavier drummer, if you are trying to add a more musical sound to your playing then the 7A is also a great drums stick of choice for Jazz, RnB, Rock or Reggae. In Australia you'll notice the Inferno brand taking on the

    The best stick deals can be found here when purchased in bulk, shipping in Australia can be costly so we encourage you to buy more as our shipping is free it saves Inferno if we only ship once, so we pass on those discounts every time you add our sticks to cart. Payment is also made easy when shopping at Inferno, consider payment with Afterpay, you can even search the Afterpay store and add to cart through their store front.

    You will notice the price difference when you add our largest bundle the 12 PK or Brick! At full price if you were to add this stock to cart it would be $244.40, for the bundle price when you add to cart it is only $129.95 you save big time!



    Watch our video here and add to cart your perfect drumsticks for sale only at Inferno Music Supply Co


    Our drumsticks are trialed and tested by angry humans and embraced by the rhythmically inclined. Their strength and durability are second to none, as we use only the finest American Hickory.

    Why Should I play Drums?

    You have obviously come this far. At Inferno we would encourage you take take the next step If you haven't already, forget age, size, or talent, playing drums is the best sport in the world.

    Not only do drummers enhance the sound and quality of music, but drums are primal, sorry but a flute isn't. There is something about the beating heart that sounds similar to the drums, to embrace this musical part of yourself is getting to know a part of yourself that you may have never known.

    Finding the right gear and right drum company to work with can be hard, and we would recommend starting with an electronic kit and a set of 5AN's (Nylon Tip) if your starting out Alesis make a great Electronic kit. The reason we believe an electronic kit is great for beginners is that they have so many great features. For example you can play along to a pre-programmed song, you can play to a clock track so that you can aim for impeccable timing, and you can practice different time signatures. However when starting possibly the greatest quality of a digital drum kit is the noise level. Family, Friends and Neighbors will barely know you there, however you sound like a rockstar through your headphones.

    You may also need to consider some other factors when starting out. If you have advanced past the beginners level and want to experiment with other sounds, and acoustic drumkit can be a great way to go, and for the price these days you can pick up a very affordable kit, we stock Mapex if you looking for a great starter drumset.

    Also you may find now that you have advanced to this new level having multiple drum stick sizes will help your musicality when playing different venues and genres. Consider playing jazz in a big hall, brushes or a set of 7A's (our lightest stick) will be more beneficial. Or if you are chugging away to some serious metal, a set of 5B or 2B sticks are they way to go, as they are heavier and more durable. You can search or store and do some research before you add to cart.

    Having more options can be a great thing, as you are able to shape the the music anyway you like. At first it can be quite tricky as you dive deeper into the topic you'll notice many different factors at play. If you in a recording environment, it's actually the room and recording gear that has a major impact. There a many different techniques, if you want your drums sound replaced then your sticks won't really matter that much, however if your going for a live vibe, then the engineer has a huge say in the final outcome of the product. Don't be afraid to experiment!

    If you have any questions about payment or products then please reach out to us at: info@infernomusic.com.au.