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    Although it may be difficult to think of a cymbal as being expendable (like a drumstick or a drumhead), the fact is that even the most advanced and finely-crafted cymbals are susceptible to breakage when played aggressively. Unfortunately, due to today’s louder, harder, heavier drumming styles, modern drummers tend to play with extreme aggression.

    While the TRX Cymbal Co. is doing everything they can to make their cymbals more powerful and more durable without sacrificing their incredible tone quality and performance capabilities—and also working to help educate drummers on the importance of proper cymbal selection and playing techniques as well as the benefits of miking, mixing and amplification—the company is now giving their dealers and drummers a break by offering to replace their worn-out TRX cymbals at half-off the original purchase price.

    The TRX Half-Off Cymbal Replacement Program applies to TRX cymbals that are broken under conditions beyond those covered by the TRX Limited Warranty and is available exclusively through authorized TRX Cymbal dealers. To obtain a replacement cymbal, the original buyer must return the broken cymbal along with valid proof of purchase to the authorized TRX dealer where it was purchased for evaluation. If the damage is determined to be outside TRX’s Warranty coverage, the original owner will be offered similar model of equal value at 50% of its original purchase price as a replacement. There is a limit of one replacement cymbal for each original cymbal purchased. Dealers and drummers are encouraged to consult the TRX Limited Warranty for complete details of TRX standard warranty coverage.