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    Tattoo's & Music

    The word Tattoo has many meanings, my favourite however is the use of the word in Music.

    source: vocabulary.com

    In music, a tattoo is continuous drumming, and a military tattoo is a drum or bugle that signals soldiers to return to their quarters at the end of the day.

    Yep that's right! I always thought it meant: "A permanent reminder for a temporary feeling" 

    When we first came up with the idea we didn't know this particular use for the word in music. Subliminally i was probably aware about it, but i still claim it's a cool coincidence, haha ;)

    We approached good friend and Marketing wizard for SJ Hugh Payten Smith about the project, and the rest is history. Fused by desire our crazy worlds of all things tattoos & music collided into this one masterpiece which has been coined "The Spiced Pearl".

    If unfamiliar with Sailor Jerry, their many attractions include a passion to support up and coming Aussie artists. In Sydney where the scene some might say has been crushed by stadium events and poker machines, SJ are determined to make a difference. Working with other great companies and venues they turned this dream into a reality opening their first Australian pop up bar "Hotel Street" in Sydney's Kings Cross. So many great bands like Violent Soho, DZ Deathrays, The Goons of Doom, Pat Capocci, & tones more all lined up to play the awesome bar, and the SJ kit was there to enjoy the show. 

    Since it's early beginings at Hotel Street, it has toured the Country, and been enjoyed by so many great artists;

    Heres a clip of Loniel from Let Live displacing some junk all over this gear.

    Since then many more of these kits have arrived on our shores and been knitted into the underground rock n roll fabric of the Australian music scene.

    Their residence can be found here:


    Kit Dimensions are:
    20x18, 14x14, 12x7
    24x16 18x16 13x9
    22x18 18x16 16x14 12x9 10x8 
    Custom 2 graphic wrap on pearl,
    Sailor Jerry Flash Art,  Beavertail lugs, 
    Swallow wood badges,  custom front head, 
    vintage spurs.

    Enjoyed with a glass of Caribbean Spiced Rum!