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    Freshman Series & CRX Combo!

    Inferno Music are proud to release to Australia the new Freshman series drums from our friends at Truth Drums. To celebrate the arrival Inferno Music want to extend the offer by giving you a great deal on CRX Cymbals for $550. The deal runs across all CRX series cymbals, and only applies specifically to this promotion. Plus, Plus Plus, yep that's right WAS: $3099, SAVE: $550. Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings, & Court Appearances, any occasion is a good occasion for the deal of a lifetime. 

    The CRX Cymbal Pack size guidelines are: 14" HATS, 18" CRASH, 19" CRASH, 22" RIDE applies to all series (ROCK, XTREME, & CLASSIC)

    The new series drum sets are for anyone looking at a quality kit for a great price, if you don't have the budget for a custom kit then this is for you. Truth Drums plan to expand the series drums into 5 different levels which is very exciting news. For ordering or enquiries please e-mail info@infernomusic.com.au

    Sizes: 12×8, 16×14, 22×19, 14×7 snare

    Description: Painted gloss finish over Wolf gray stain, mixed birch/tulip wood shells (roughly 6mm thick), 3 birch outer ply’s with 3 tulip wood inner ply’s, Freshman Series shield badges, chrome hardware, smooth cube lugs, rims mount on rack tom, mounted legs on floor tom, gasket bass claws, and triple flange hoops on toms/snare.

    Comes with: Shell pack, full set of heads for each drum, l-rod bracket attachment for stand, and floor tom legs


    1. Can we customize the drum set (i.e. finish, sizes, hardware color etc)? No, the kits are available for this price since they are not customizable and we can produce them in large quantities. If you would like a custom kit please check our custom price list and e-mail for a quote.
    2. Can we add drum(s) past the above mentioned configuration? No. At this time the kits are only available in the mentioned sizes and set ups above..
    3. Can you ship internationally? No shipping is only available for NZ, Tassie and Oz, all international enquiries outside the ANZ region email info@truthdrums.com
    4. Does the set come with the pictured stands, cymbals, and hardware? No. The stands, cymbals and hardware are only used for picture purposes. Only above mentioned items come with the drum(s) However it will entitle you to purchase CRX cymbals at an exceptional rate.
    5. Do i have to buy the cymbals aswell? No, you can buy the kit separately, however the deal on the cymbals is only offered for this promotion specifically.


    Finally if you have any other enquiries don't hesitate to ask by sending us an email: info@infernomusic.com.au